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What We Offer

Experiential Tours

The core objective of our experiential tours is to give you an intimate experience of the diverse and mesmerizing cultures and traditions of some of the amazing parts of India and some of its neighbouring countries that have remained intact from the ancient times, with many going back to thousands of years!

Road Trips

If you are one of those who is adventurous and is passionate about discovering the enchanting cultural, fascinating ancient traditions, mesmerizing grandeur of nature and historical legacy of India by road with pit-stops at quaint hamlets and ‘dhabas’, these trips are just for you!

Weekend Getaways

These short duration trips give you the opportunity to recharge yourself after a taxing week of desk work or domestic chores by heading out to nature and countryside over the weekends with like-minded travel enthusiasts.

Explore Your World

Since 1990, we have been organizing an array of uniquely crafted Experiential Cultural Tours and Road Trips to select destinations in India to offer an immersive experience to those discerning travellers who travel to explore, discover and learn. We also offer these trips to Bhutan, Nepal and Sri Lanka.



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